What is Taro? Classification of Taro

Do you know what tarois? If not, please see the article below to know more about taro. Currently, the machinery industry has been significantly changed, in order to increase productivity to achieve efficiency in manufacturing.

But when it comes to threading or breaking holes, people always think of taro.

What is Taro?

Taro is one of the specialized tools to create lace for different materials. Because this is considered the most common way to create lace (thread processing) on the details.

Threading is a very important stage in the production of associated accessories or machine details such as bulong (bulong foundation, link), tyren, fasteners for the construction industry, mechanics,…

What is Taro? Classification of current types of Taro

Usually there are many main methods for making lace: turning, milling, taro, drilling, grinding, etc. Of course, each method has its own characteristics and advantages, depending on the needs of the business to choose the appropriate lace.

How many types of taro are there?

According to our research, the current market consists of 2 types of taro:

Machine Tap

What is Taro? Classification of current types of Taro

This type of taro is commonly used on industrial machinery such as taro drills, magnetic drills, CNC milling machines, versatile milling machines, CNC machines, grinders … This taro feature is only 1 machine that can use 1 pcs. That machine tap is also divided into 2 types:

+ Twist taro often used to process closed holes, when taro is machined, the nose will hook the workpiece up and push out.

+ Straight taro usually applied to vents, when taro is rolled up and pushed downwards.


This type of taro is used by hand and can also be combined with hand-turning taro (regular taro series). This hand taro is usually accompanied by a set of 3 pcs: rough, semi-delicate and delicate. But currently only use 1 pcs to taro.

What is Taro? Classification of current types of Taro

The advantage of hand taro is that when threading only creates shredded workpieces. As a result, this hand tap can thread a closed hole or vent.

Taro Classification By Lace Step

To determine what type of taro steps standard and taro steps smoothly, how do we determine?

+ Taro standard step : this type of taro is the most popular because it is the usual threaded nose.

What is Taro? Classification of current types of Taro

+ Taro steps smoothly: is a lace step smaller than the standard step. Because of the small lace step, in the price of threading process, it is common to use water lines, gas lines, food … To avoid leakage or need thread grafts to tighten…

Taro Classification by Lace Line

To classify taro by threaded line, there are only 2 types:

+ Right lace taro: This type of taro is threaded clockwise, this is considered the most common type of taro.

What is Taro? Classification of current types of Taro

+ Left lace taro: This kind of taro is counter-clockwise which used in moving thread couplings This can be considered as the right threaded taro that is more common in used by many businesses rather than the left taro. So we know what a taro is And the taro classifications, right?

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