1. What is endmill?

Endmill is one of the line of multipurpose cutting tools for extremely high performance to create a smooth glossy detail surface..

This cutting tool is applied to the work of iron, alloy steel, cast iron, flexible steel, stainless steel and many other kinds …

And create a series of mechanical engineering with high accuracy, meeting the strict standards in the process.

Picture of endmill in Van Tap’s showroom

In Van Tap,Endmill is imported in complete units from world-famous brands – famous and reputable manufacturers of industrial tools and accessories that are trusted by many distributors and consumers.

2. Endmill’s product

KARBEiDE endmill (Taiwan) is packed in shockproof plastic box with manufacturer’s seal.

  • Product code: Diversity
  • Model: KARBEiDE
  • Made in: Taiwan
  • Material: Alloy
  • Hardess: 45,55,60,65 HRC
  • Helix angle: Contact consultant
  • Diameter: Contact consultant
  • Helix length: Contact consultant
  • Flute: 2,3,4
  • Coating Thickness: Contact consultant

3. Important characteristics of endmill

Alloy endmill suitable for iron alloy milling, carbon steel, cast iron alloy steel … mechaning ironing steels and tools which have hardness up to 60 HRC.

Van Tap supply of ultra fine carbide endmills, Micro Grain Carbide coated with TiAlN, Diamond, CRN,… for high durability, high abrasion resistance, working at high temperatures and shortening materialwork time, while also increasing the sharpness for the work of soft materials such as aluminum or wind steel …

Currently on the market there are many types of cheap alloy endmill of different brands and the quality and price attached are also different. Understand the market with strict requirements on specifications, clear origin of the product, Van Tap only distribute high quality alloy endmilling products, which are preferred by factories and factories at the best price on the market.

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