When customers agree to use products and services of VTVN Co., Ltd, customers will have to make payment to VTVN Co., Ltd in the following form:

  1. Transfer money via bank account
    Customers who purchase products and services by transfer via accounts of Quang Minh Packaging Manufacturing Joint Stock Company, are as follows:

Account Name: Van Tap Industrial Import-Export Company Limited (Vietnam)

Account Number:


Cash payment
In case the total payment value is less than 20,000,000 VND, customers can choose the form of payment in cash directly to the delivery staff of VTVN Co., Ltd. Note, customers only pay VTVN Co., Ltd’s staff when they have enough documents: Receipt slip (stamped and clearly stated the amount), delivery note.

Note: After paying by bank transfer, customers should contact the sales department of VTVN Co., Ltd to inform you about your payment. VTVN Co., Ltd will check the money on the account and make delivery to the customer.

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