Van Tap always appreciates your trust for us. With many years of experience in the industry of supplying industrial components, along with professional staff. We always try to improve our services and develop constantly according to the general trend of the developed industry. All are aimed at bringing customers the high quality products, the most competitive price.

Instead of committing to product quality, Van Tap implemented the policy of returning goods.

Accordingly, the goods which customers buy at will be returned if there are errors as follows:

• Not the right type, model as you ordered.

• Insufficient quantity, not enough sets as in the order.

• External conditions are affected such as peeling, breakage occurs during transportation,…

• Not of quality such as: out of warranty, in operation, objective damage ,…

Please note that Van Tap made a change or returned the money but did not refund the shipping cost or delivery fee except for the exceptions above. Therefore, please check the goods and sign the status with the delivery staff as soon as you receive the goods. When detecting one of the above cases, you can talk directly with the delivery staff or respond to us within 24 hours by hotline.

Van Tap will not accept returns when:

• You want to change the type, design but do not inform in advance.

• You self-affect external conditions such as tearing packaging, peeling, breaking,…

• You do not operate in accordance with the instructions causing damage to the goods.

• You do not comply with the regulations required to enjoy the warranty (e.g. do not send the warranty slip to the right place within the specified time).

• You have checked and signed the status of goods but have not responded within 24 hours from the time of signing the goods.


In order to ensure the quality of products as committed and also ensure the prestige of Van Tap , for the customers who have trusted to use the service & buy goods. Van Tap please provide a warranty policy for customers referenced for more benefits.


Warranty case

– When customers buy genuine Van Tap products or Van Tap products from official dealers.

– This warranty is only valid when customers buy products at official dealers.

– This warranty is only applied to customers who buy genuine products and are not transferable to third parties.

The warranty does not include the following cases:

– Improper use for example excessive to load, containing corrosive chemicals.

– Environmental factors such as fires, fires, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, etc.

– Natural wear and tear, acid wear, rust as well as improper use according to instructions or errors caused by customers.

– Damage caused by buyer’s fault.

The warranty will no longer be valid when:

– Equipment and warranty slips are modified.

– Equipment damaged by natural disasters and mis-operated after purchase.

– Equipment removed and repaired by technicians is not specified by Van Tap Company.

The specific warranty method is as follows:

When bringing products to warranty in Van Tap, please present the warranty voucher.

During the warranty period, Van Tap company will repair and replace the equipment without charge. Faulty accessories and spare parts to be replaced must be genuine equipment, accessories and spare parts.

Replacement equipment and accessories will be covered by the applicable warranty period.

Please see the warranty terms

Van Tap‘s warranty center is pleased to announce!