Delivery policy of VTVN Co., Ltd regarding the provision of door-to-door service to customers.

Objects of Policy application

Delivery policy for all customers of VTVN Co., Ltd if there is no conditions to receive goods at our warehouse.

Object and scope of transport

2.1 Subjects of transport

Including all products that customers order and need to delivery to take place.

2.2 Scope of transport

Not limited to the scope of shipping, customers only need to provide the destination address and the estimated time to deliver the goods.

Mode of transportation

For samples that can be shipped by post, courier saves time.

For large and bulk goods, VTVN Co., Ltd will transport by different large and small trucks.

4. Shipping costs

The cost is calculated according to the prevailing market general freight rate. Customers can pay on receipt or transfer via bank account to us.


Customers are responsible for checking goods when receiving goods. When detecting that the goods are damaged, scratched, broken, distorted, or wrong goods, wrong size, wrong color, sign the goods status with the forwarder and immediately notify the Department. Take care of customers of VTVN Co., Ltd for immediate treatment.

We are committed to delivering and shipping as quickly as possible to customers to ensure the correct time required by customers. However, in some special cases due to objective and force majeure reasons such as accident, fire, flood, weather, unfavorable traffic, etc., the delivery time may be will be extended longer than expected. In this case, VTVN Co., Ltd will try to overcome and resolve the interests of customers with the highest priority.